We have 3 friendly packages that scale as you do.


Free Forever
  • 35 Included Users
  • Your Own Subdomain
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Styling
Sign Up

Extra Users $4


$ 199

Per Month
  • 100 Included Users
  • Your Own Subdomain
  • Full Domain Name
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Styling
Free Trial

Extra Users $3


$ 299

Per Month
  • 500 Included Users
  • Your Own Subdomain
  • Full domain Name
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Styling
  • White Label
Free Trial

Extra Users $2

No lock-in contracts. You choose monthly or annual payments. Annual payments have a 10% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the trial work?

The trial is an exact copy of the full version but is limited to 14 days usage. Your trial site is setup after you submit the Trial Form and 14 days after that it will be closed unless you decide to purchase a plan. The content that you create in your trial will be the same when you change to a paid plan.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept MasterCard and Visa. If you need an alternative payment method please contact us and we can work something out.

What happens if I exceed the number of users?

Each plan has an amount listed for extra users charges ranging from $3-5. In each calendar month you will be billed for any extra users. However, as soon as you hit 90% of your included users you will be emailed and offered the higher plan. This usually makes things cheaper if you outgrow your current plan.

How can I upgrade from a trial to a paid edition?

You will get an email reminder a few days before your trial ends and we will provide you with instructions. However, you can upgrade at any time by visiting the settings module and clicking Purchase. You will then be asked for your payment details, and when you submit the form your account will be upgraded instantly.

Do you offer support during the trial period?

Yes, absolutely. We feel this is the most important time for support so we provide it 24 hours a day. Simply click our Contact Us page or visit the help module while logged into your portal.

Can I change my plan after I sign up?

At any time you can downgrade or upgrade your plan. Simply login as the administrator and go to the settings module. From there click the menu item that says "Change my Plan". Plans are changed immediately and your billing will be automatically adjusted.

How long does it take to get setup?

It's instant! Just signup to the 14-day free trial and your site will be created. You will be emailed the administrator login details which you will then be able to login and start creating your courses, users, etc. If you decide to stay with us, all your trial data will be transferred to your live site.

How do I cancel my subscription plan?

The option to cancel your subscription is under the settings module. You can cancel at any time, however your plan will remain active until the end of the current subscription period. If you have any questions about canceling your plan our team is here to help!

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